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Dr. Susanne Schüssler

Verlag Klaus Wagenbach

Susanne Katharina Schüssler, born in Munich in 1962. Almost an only child: a sister who is 8 years younger. Abitur (highschool graduation) at a Bavarian grammar school for girls in 1981. Began studying German, Science of Communication and Publishing Law at Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich in 1982. Finished her dissertation in 1991. Was curious about the work at a publishing house from early on: Started by posting letters and parcels as a student assistant. Was a trainee at Carl Hanser Verlag for one year after graduating from school, followed by some years as a student assistant at the same place. Several long stays abroad and internships in publishing houses and the book trading business in New York, Paris, and Cologne. Has been in Berlin since 1990, and with Verlag Klaus Wagenbach since 1991, becoming its publisher in 2002. Editor of several anthologies, as the continuation of Vaterland, Muttersprache (fatherland, mother tongue, 1994), Djuna Barnes Hinter dem Herzen (Behind the heart 1996), SALTO 100 (2001), Liebe nach Mitternacht (Love after midnight, 2004), Signora, Signorina (2005). Has been honored with the medal of Commendatore by the Italian President in 2012. Married to Klaus Wagenbach, birth of their daughter Helene in 1997.

(Photo: © Verlag Klaus Wagenbach)