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Iris Berben

Actress, President of the German Film Academy

Iris Berben, born 1950 in Detmold and raised in Hamburg, had her cinema debut at the tender age of 18 in Rudolf Thome’s “Detectives”. Today she is one of the most acclaimed actresses in the German Television and Cinema Film Industry; she has been distinguished on numerous occasions with multiple awards such as the Adolf Grimme Prize and the Bavarian Television Prize Lifetime Achievement Award.

Iris Berben is the incumbent President of the German Film Academy, a position she acquired in 2010.

Iris Berben is one of the most active voices fostering tolerance, understanding and peaceful co-existence. In her highly regarded readings she continuously addresses the most gruesome chapter of German history, reminding us of the unspeakable suffering brought upon Jewish victims by the National Socialist regime.

(Photo: Deutsche Filmakademie e.V.)