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Prof. Dr. Fred Breinersdorfer

Screenwriter, Producer, Lawyer

Fred Breinersdorfer is a screenwriter, producer and lawyer. His work is not limited to one genre, he uses the diversity and as well as the content and aesthetic challenges of the various media. He writes for television (more than 70 feature-length TV movies) and the cinema, and occasionally the theater. In addition, he has written detective novels, short stories, radio plays and comics. In 2004, he was co-producer of his films for the first time. In 2007 he directed his first feature film. In 2008 his first documentary was made. He gave his debut as a screenwriter and producer for the cinema in 2005 with "Sophie Scholl - The Final Days," which was nominated for the Oscar in 2006. His latest film "ELSER" won the Award for Best Film at the Bavarian Film Award in 2015, was in the competition at this year's Berlinale and was screened at numerous international festivals. Among other projects, Fred Breinersdorfer has just completed the filming of the life of Anne Frank, the third part of his trilogy about prominent victim-personalities of the Nazi regime.
Fred Breinersdorfer has been politically active for decades and still is. In 1994 he was a candidate for the SPD for the German Bundestag. Since the founding of the Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA) in 2010, he is one of the patrons of this umbrella association in Brussels. In spring 2011 he founded in cooperation with Amnesty International the project "Filmmakers in Prison" within the German Film Academy.

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