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Prof. Dr. Gerhard Pfennig

Initiative Urheberrecht spokesperson

since October 2012: Speaker of the Initiative Urheberrecht (Author’s Law Association), the initiative comprises more than 35 organizations and unions, representing the interests of about 140,000 authors and performing artists (

1978-2011: Executive Director of the collecting society VG Bild-Kunst

1.9.1980 to 19.5.2010: Managing Director of the Foundation Arts Fund (Stiftung Kunstfonds formerly Kunstfonds e.V.), since then member of the Board

1973 - 1988: Managing Director of the Federation of Artists, since then counsel of this association

Honorary Professor at the University of Mainz, School of Art

Co-chair of the Advisory Board of the Künstlersozialkasse.

Member of the Advisory Board of the Institute of Modern Art, Nuremberg
Member of the University Council of the University of Fine Arts Dresden

Deputy Chairman of the Arts Council of the Deutscher Kulturrat (German Cultural Council) and a member of working groups and committees of the Deutscher Kulturrat since its inception in 1980

Numerous publications on issues of copyright and cultural policy, as well as many years of teaching and lecturing, including co-editor of the journal ZUM 2003 until 2012.

2001: award of the Federal Cross of Merit

(Photo : © Burkhard Maus)